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Consequences (Bruce Banner x Reader) Pt. 11
Chapter 11: Lunch and Un-welcomed Surprises 
(Your POV)
Without any other trouble, you and The Avengers find yourselves outside of the Panera Bread Restaurant. You take a silent, deep breath as you follow the footsteps of Barton and Rogers as they open the doors and walk into the place. As soon as your foot crosses the threshold, you feel her presence in the establishment. You look up at your group members while you all stand in line.
"You guys can order whatever you like, money's not a problem," you inform them as you pull out your wallet from your purse.
"Yea, we've heard," Barton mumbles as he and the others look up at the menu. 
You stare up at the menu blankly as if you don't already know what you want to eat. You just need something to distract you from the gnawing of Shadow's energy hitting against your body. She's restless and needs to at least get a taste of her favorite meal. You feel her move across the restaurant's floor in search of her prey like a wi
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Why Me? (Sebastian x Half-Demon Reader) Pt. 19
Chapter 19: Keep the Demon at Bay
-Inside the Barn (Your POV)-
After reassuring Sebastian that all would be explained after the situation with Lorenzo was handled, he left you to continue milking the cows. You kept the small smile on your face until you were sure that he was as far away from you as possible. It melts from your face as you stare at the place where he just stood. 
How much longer can I keep up this facade? you think to yourself as you bite on your bottom lip.
Your hands were shaking as you went to sit back in the stool as you continued to milk the second cow. You take slow, deep breaths as you focus on pulling down one utter after the next (anything to keep your mind off of Lorenzo at the moment). You know that if you slip up even once, then it's game over for everyone. The cow 'moos' at you as you lay your head on its stomach and close your eyes in aggravation.
You manage to get three buckets full with milk and carefully towed them back to the kitchen to see
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Why Me? (Sebastian x Half-Demon Reader) Pt. 18
Chapter 18: Who is Who? 
-Inside the Carriage (Your POV)-
You slowly awaken as you feel the carriage come to a stop. You sit up and look to see Ciel with his face in his hand, quietly snoring. You chuckle as you reach forward to wake him,
"Ciel, the carriage has stopped. I think you should get out to stretch your legs."
"Hmm," he groans as he slightly opens his eyes before closing them again. 
You sigh as you reach for him again but feel something is off. The atmosphere inside the carriage has changed and the curtain was drawn on the window. You went to reach for the door but it wouldn't budge no matter how hard you pulled. You begin to worry as you beat on the door with your fist before calling out for Sebastian. The tension in the air gets stronger and you immediately realize that you need to get Ciel out of here. You turn towards him and reach for his wrist but your hand is snatched away by another. You quickly look behind you to see two fiery red-orange eyes staring
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Why Me? (Sebastian x Half-Demon Reader) Pt. 17
Chapter 17: Withholding the Truth
(Ciel's POV)
After Sebastian brought Lau and I tea and dessert, we sit in the drawing room in silence. (Y/n)'s fainting spell had me a little more than worried. Would she be able to face Lorenzo and why did she tell me not to do anything when he attacks her? It's obvious that (y/n) wasn't giving us all of the information; perhaps she had a past relationship with Lorenzo?
"My Lord, is there something on your mind?"
"It's nothing. I just have some more work to do before I retire to bed. How long do you plan on staying Lau?"
Lau smiles at me with his eyes closed as Ran-Mao sits beside him with her head on his arm,
"Until I see the boy is returned safely to his guardian, your new maid."
"What do you have to do with any of this? What exactly do you mean to gain?" I ask wondering what pieces of the puzzle I'm missing.
"You wound me My Lord. I have nothing to do with this...I just find it more interesting than the opium trade," he answers opening his eyes sli
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Consequences (Bruce Banner x Reader) Pt.10
Chapter 10: Sticks and Stones
(Your POV)
As you slowly walk out of the conference room, lagging behind the Avengers, Conscious wraps her arms around your neck from behind.
"Hey, are you sure you should be near them? You saw how Shadow acted earlier," she asked with worry in her voice.
"I know C, I'm not stupid."
You knew exactly why Shadow was acting this way. Drawing attention to herself before going back to being a quiet backdrop; she was hungry. You hadn't properly fed her in about four months but she could normally last at least 6 before losing her sanity.
"What are you going to do? You know she's probably gonna-
"Didn't you hear me?! I know what she's gonna do, that's why I'm trying to get out of the building!" you whisper a little too loudly. 
Your outburst causes Tony to look back at you from the corner of his eye as he motions for the rest of the group to stop. They watch while you argue at an unseen entity. Your back faces them as you vent your frustr
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Consequences (Bruce Banner x Reader) Pt. 9
Chapter 9: The Girl Behind the Shadows
(Bruce Banner's POV)
10:35 PM
As I sit by Tony and look over (y/n)'s files, I mind wanders to Conscious. Was being stressed out what caused me to see her...but what could explain how I can hear her? I remember her laugh as she told (y/n) that no one has ever been able to hear her before. I try to keep my breathing under control so the others don't notice or so I don't Hulk Out. 
"Dr. Banner...Dr. Banner?" Steve's voice snaps me out of my thoughts.
"Yes?" I ask looking up at him.
"You've been staring at the same page for the past ten minutes. Is something on your mind?"
This causes everyone to stop what they're doing and look at me,
"Uh..." I stammer as I look down at the page I have in my hand. 
It's the report of the man who was assigned to keep tabs on her; he apparently went missing after the death of (y/n)'s parents. This report claimed that her parents didn't have any knowledge of her powers.
"I just don't understand this. How can a
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Consequences (Bruce Banner x Reader) Pt. 8.5
Chapter 8.5: Blurry Picture
(Clint's POV)
We all sit in silence as Bruce's theory makes about the most sense. 
"Ok, so she's pissed that almost no one here likes her. Does that give her an excuse to murder two people?" I blurt out which causes Robert to look up at me. 
He sighs as he shakes his head, puts a hand on Marco's shoulder,and proceeds to answer my question.
"Don't get upset man, you don't even know the entire story. Do any of you even know the names of the two men that were killed the other night?"
Steve and Bruce shake their heads 'no' while the others sit in silence causing Robert to chuckle in disbelief, 
"Their names were Evert Sanders and Nigel Conner. They worked for S.H.I.E.L.D. for a good number of years until they decided to switch over and work for Hydra." 
"How do you know this for sure?" Steve asks.
"In all honesty, we didn't know anything. (Y/n) found out about their betrayal a few months back before their final mission last night," Marco conf
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Consequences (Bruce Banner x Reader) Pt. 8
Chapter 8: Can You Put the Pieces Together?
(Steve Roger's POV)
I watch as Ms. (l/n) clears up the misunderstanding between her and Marco in her own way. It didn't really seem like a proper apology but Marco knows her better than me or any of us in this room. Her anger, misdirected or otherwise, towards others worries me though. She looks back at us as Marco releases her from his hug. She makes her way in front of me and reaches out her hand. Only for a second do I hesitate before grabbing her hand in a firm handshake,
"Thanks for helping me calm down earlier today. Most people don't even dare to come near me or my room."
"It's no big deal," I answer hearing the gratefulness hidden behind her monotone voice.
"(Y/n)," a man calls her name from the door which is blocked by her body.
Instantly, I feel her hand go cold. Usually people have a tell for when they feel nervous: a twitch of the eyebrow, sweat on their forehead, or maybe their fingers move unconsciously. Ms. (l/n) had obviously
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Why Me? (Sebastian x Half-Demon Reader) Pt. 16
Chapter 16: Where Will This End? 
In Your Bedroom (Your POV)
Liar...the word swims around your mind as you continue to pet Pluto's fur. You told Mey-Rin, Bard, and Finny that you felt better, but that was a lie. Ever since you got up today, you've had a bad feeling in the pit of your stomach, and Lau's information only made it worse. You don't know what you'll do if Ciel reads through the letter you gave him; what if Thomas is working for Lorenzo? 
Thomas was always a sweet boy who followed you like a baby duck. You knew him since he was three and found him abandoned like he was a pile of trash. He toughened up slightly when he turned six, when you first ran into Lorenzo and his brother. Your eyes watered slightly as you place your face in Pluto's fur again; Thomas should be around the same age as Ciel now. You stand with your back to the door as you stare into Pluto's blood-red eyes.
"What should I do? I don't want to have to hurt Thomas...I shouldn't have given Ciel
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Consequences (Bruce Banner x Reader) Pt. 7
Chapter 7: No Such Thing As Do-Overs (Fix What You Broke)
Aaron Hathcock's office is relatively small compared to other rooms throughout S.H.I.E.L.D headquarters. In it sits Dr. Hathcock's desk which is near the back west wall with a large window with the blinds drawn to his left. There is a vertical filing cabinet sitting in the top right hand corner with hard wood floors underneath it. There is a large sofa sitting horizontally on the left wall across from the door as his degrees and family pictures are planted on various areas of the wood walls. His office has a guidance counselor's feel to it; he's not there to judge, he's there to hear your problems. You sit in another wooden chair with a cushion in the center of it in front of his desk while the Avengers sit on the peach colored sofa.
Aaron sits behind his desk as the lights shine down on the paperwork and random folders decorating his desk. You feel like a spoiled brat as you wait for Marco to come with something to eat. All the
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Consequences (Bruce Banner x Reader) Pt. 6.5
Chapter 6.5: Introducing the Players and the Sound Crew
"(Y/n, why are you always so quiet?" the wolf asks as he sits across from you. 
His office is another large box with bookshelves against the left wall and the right wall. When you stand in the entrance way, there are three large windows on the far back wall that face you. A few feet from these windows sits his rectangular mahogany table with a pencil holder, his name plate and other miscellaneous items. His floor is apple red colored carpet that matches really well with the sand dollar painted walls. 
You sit in a cushioned wooden-chair in front of him and his camera. He sits in a large cream colored arm chair, leaning forward with his elbows sitting on top of each knee while his fingers are intertwined and his chin rest on top of them. The camera stands to his left as its red light stares at you while the lens moves in and out of focus. You pick your head up slightly to look up at him. His fawn skin complexion, lik
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Consequences (Bruce Banner x Reader) Pt. 6
Chapter 6: Is There an End to the Suffering?
You groan slightly as your eyes open. You turn you head slowly to the left as you sit up; your body feels heavy. Your left hand raises up to your neck as you roll your shoulders. You crack your neck as your eyes look around in the darkness of your room. The clock besides your bed reads 1:15 PM; you sigh in annoyance. Your eyes are so comfortable with the dark that it's as if you've actually evolved into a demon. You pull back the covers and have your legs dangling from the bed as you turn your head and look towards the door.
"I remember Mr. Rogers. Well, more like screaming at him," you say out loud to yourself.
You look down at your hands sitting in your lap and remember Steve's hands covering yours. You furrow your eyebrows in confusion as you think to yourself,
"Why was he so calm? Is he really so tolerate of such things?
You push yourself up from the bed and go over to turn on the light
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Consequences (Bruce Banner x Reader) Pt.5
Chapter 5: No One Can Possibly Understand 

Steve makes it down the long hallway to come face to face with your bedroom door. He sees that it's ajar and slowly opens it further before stepping inside quietly. He waits for his eyes to adjust to the darkness of your room until he sees you sitting on your knees in your bed. Your eyes are still closed as you whisper to yourself,
" quiet! You're all too loud...I can't hear you all at once!"
He silently walks up to you before he is standing in front of your bed. You feel his presence and back up until your back hits the headboard; he looks at you in shock.
"No, stay away...get out before something happens," you shake your head 'no' as you try to back away even more. He speaks gently,
"I just want to help you. It's going to be ok."
His eyes reflect understanding as he makes slow movements. He reaches his arms up and uses his large hands to cover you
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Why Me? (Sebastian x Half-Demon Reader) Pt. 15
Chapter 15: Breaking Points
Sebastian's POV

Why would she lie to me? What is she trying to hide?
I make my way down the hall to the study after I inform Lau and Ran-Mao that dinner will be served shortly. I knock on the door and open it quietly,
"Young Master, Lau and Ran-Mao are waiting for you in the dining room."
I see the Young Lord sitting behind his desk reading some papers. He looks up as I make my way closer to him; he folds them up and returns them to their proper place. I pull back his chair and allow him to stand,
"Is everything alright?" I ask politely.
I know that he and (y/n) are hiding something; their body language seemed off when I entered her bedroom before she went to take her bath. 
"Why wouldn't it be Sebastian?" he asks in his usual tone of voice.
It infuriates me that after all this time, she still won't be honest with me. I keep my face calm but on the inside I feel the desire to eradicate something. I open the dining room doors and pull back
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Consequences (Bruce Banner x Reader) Pt. 4.5
Chapter 4.5: The Truth Can Be Toxic
Those four words circle around your head like an annoying song "He can see me."
Conscious's grip on your shoulders tightens as she looks at you with the excitement of a homicidal killer,
"Did you hear me (y/n)? I said he can see me and it seems...he can hear me too! Ha-ha, ha-ha!"
You bite the inside of your cheek as you close your eyes and try to calm down. You cause your shadow to return to the floor where it sits on the floor to your right; the head is angled to stare at you even with no eyes. You look down at the cup in your hands and stare at the
reflection sitting in the brown liquid. 
"Agent (l/n)!" You snap back into reality as you look up at Fury,
"Did you hear what I said?" he asks keeping his voice level normal but his tone had that fatherly-touch to it. You blink a couple of times before shaking your head slightly,
"I'm mind was somewhere else." Marco looks at you with his eyebrow raised in confusion
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Mature content
Why Me? (Sebastian x Half-Demon Reader) Pt. 14 :icon2013fangirl0511:2013Fangirl0511 11 2


The Evil Within - Joseph Oda Plushie :iconjack-o-alltrades:Jack-O-AllTrades 37 21 Until Dawn - Josh Washington Plushie :iconjack-o-alltrades:Jack-O-AllTrades 51 28 I've been overthinking :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 7,249 219
Chat Noir x Reader - Show Me Who You Are
There was a small hill that was high enough to view the entire neighborhood around it.
A white butterfly landed on a blade of grass beside her, and she turned her head to look at the slowing flapping of its delicate wings.
“Hello, pretty butterfly.” she greeted it. “What are you doing here?”
“Talking to a bug? That’s a new type of crazy.”
She turned her head to the sly, cat-like boy on the opposite side of the butterfly. A smirk wanted to tug at her lips, but she decided otherwise.
“Says the one who’s always with the one called Ladybug.”
“My Lady is not a bug, though.” He smiled, completely confident in himself, almost arrogant.
“Please sit down, Chat.”
“Of course, sweetheart.” A small smile adorned his face, as he crumbled down beside her. “Ah, I’m so tired.” He turned his head towards her. “What do you want to know about me today, princess?”
Chat Noir came up
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#11 The Overthinker :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 6,625 162
Yellow Car - Punk!Levi x Reader - (College AU)
Papers lay scattered around your bed, ink haphazardly scribbled across the crisp, white sheets as you'd tried and tried to finish your latest assignment. A soft sigh slipped through your slightly parted lips as you glared at the ceiling, barely hearing the door to your shared dorm opening and closing loudly.
You were fucked. The assignment was due tomorrow and you were far from finishing it. If you failed it would impact your overall grade and, being the perfectionist you are, the thought of getting anything less than an ‘A’ was simply unthinkable.
“Oi, shit for brains, your room looks like a pigstye.”
You looked up, seeing the ever bored face of your best friend staring scowling at you from the doorway, hand on hip, looking all sassy. You groaned, hoping your blush wasn't too bad, and sat up to face him properly. His dark hair was slightly messed up, something very uncharacteristic for him, and he held a brown paper bag in one of his tattooed arms, groceries ju
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His Name Is Steve Spencer Reid x Drunk!Reader
I sit on the living room floor of my shared apartment, back against the wall. I giggle to myself and take another sip of the whiskey bottle in my hand.
"Ah, boy genius. Home already?" I say to Reid, who walks in with his keys in his hand. "What about that "date" you were going on? How'd it work out?" He kicks off his shoes and mumbles something under his breath.
"It didn't work out"
"Ah, man. Sorry. You deserve someone who says "Hey, I like what you do with your face. I think it's called your face"" I move my hands through the air and laugh at my own stupid joke. He walks closer to me and rounds the corner, seeing the half empty bottle. He kneels down next to me.
"How long did that take you?"
"More or less a few hours" He reaches his hand out and wiggles his fingers.
"C'mon. You've had enough." I hug the bottle.
"B-b-but" He gives me a stern look and I pout as I fork over the bottle. "His name is Steve. Please be nice to him" He laughs to himself as he stands. He places the bottle on t
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Spencer Reid x Reader: Secret Admirer
(y/n) gnawed lightly at her bottom lip as she drove through the streets to get to work. Her eyes kept darting to the bag of Valentines resting on the seat next to her. It had one for each of her friends in the BAU branch of the FBI, plus three special ones for someone she admired for years. She had debated on whether or not to go through with this: leaving a present throughout the day on his desk. (y/n) had carefully chosen each little gift with a card to match. Not knowing if it would change anything, or if it would work at all, (y/n) decided to follow through with the idea. By herself. Yeah, it was risky. She could get caught. But she didn't dare ask for help from other members of the BAU, especially from Hotchner's team.
When (y/n) walked into the Behavior Analysis Unit office, she was immediately hugged by Penelope. (y/n) liked how festive she was for the holiday, all dolled up in a cute red polka-dot dress and white sequined glasses. A chorus of other greetings sounded from the of
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Jafar x Reader - Strength in Caution
His cape swirls around him like black, squelching fire as he stops in the center of the room. The frosted oil lamps flicker for what seems like no reason at all. There is no wind to move them...or maybe I just can't feel it. With the way my head feels, I'm pretty sure I've been staring at him for like an hour already so it wouldn't be surprising if I'd lost touch with other aspects of reality. But...I it the power he exudes...? Or...?
"So you're the rat who's crawled into my palace." Rat? Really?
"Uh. Sure." His eyebrows twitch up, face tilts and he parts his plush, dark lips. Pretty sure he wasn't expecting me to just accept that sort of name calling. The flicker of a crow touches the streaming moonlight and makes me more than a little aware that the man has left the jail door open behind him.
Probably shouldn't try to escape, though. That...might just be bad news bears. All things considered.
"You do not mind," he starts toward me, careful, distrusting footsteps pervading t
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.: Paint the Sea :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 8,290 219
girlfriend [kageyama tobio]
Haikyuu!: Kageyama Tobio x Reader
[Name] [Last Name] peered inside the gym doors, looking for a certain king. It was obvious that practice was over since most of the members were cleaning up.
Ukai noticed a girl peeking in and decided to confront her. “Excuse me?” He walked up to the girl and her eyes immediately looked over to where he was walking from, “Is there someone you’re looking for?”
[Name] nodded, “Is Kageyama here?”
At the sound of his name, the setter looked over to the entrance and his eyes widened when he found his girlfriend standing at there.
“[N-Name]? What are you doing here?” Kageyama asked, walking over to her. [Name] looked over and smiled before running over to Kageyama and hugging him tightly and burying her face into his chest, “Tobio!”
“E-Eh? Why is there a pretty girl hugging Kageyama?” Tanaka asked as he and other members of the club stared at the couple.
:iconasocialcasualty:ASocialCasualty 512 12
Kageyama x Shy!Reader A Brave Attempt
Kageyama x Shy!Reader
Warning: Slight swearing, I guess
[A/N: Starting my Haikyuu one-shots with this cutie~]

‘This is it.’
[Name] stood in front of Karasuno’s gym door, her heart slightly pounding. She tried reaching for the doorknob, but found that her hand was trembling, and she had to force herself to calm down.
[Name] was here because she wanted to see her boyfriend, Kageyama, play volleyball. She heard that he was a genius in it, and was part of a freaky duo within the team. But she had a small problem.
[Name] was a very sweet and shy girl. She had been homeschooled from the beginning, and didn’t really know how to interact with people. She didn’t understand the whole socialization process. [Name] and Kageyama were a couple because those two had been next door neighbors, as well as childhood friends. It was actually a bit inevitable.
[Name] knew her boyfriend played volleyball, but has yet come watch his games, or even observe his pract
:iconbookwormangel33:bookwormangel33 819 58
Tease: Short Skirts [Tsukishima Kei]
“Tsukki, why don’t you help [Name]-chan out?”
Said blonde male gave his freckled companion a blank look, his eyes flicking back and forth between him and said female. The pair watched as she tried to reach for a library book on one of the top shelves, her arms outstretched far above her head in a vain attempt to snatch the piece of literature she needed. She was cursing quietly to herself, her fingertips barely brushing up against the book’s cover. After a while, she decided to try hopping in place in another attempt to retrieve the book. It was obvious to the two of them that she would never reach it like that.
“I don’t think she needs it,” Tsukishima finally answered, his smug smirk making its way to his face. “She’ll figure out what to do eventually.”
“So mean, Tsukki,” Yamaguchi reprimanded, though his voice also held a touch of amusement. “But if she doesn’t get that book soon, we can’t start
:iconxxxneonsoundxxx:xXxNeonSoundxXx 828 52
Greediness (Sugawara x Reader)
Sugawara Koushi was always known for being a kind person. He was selfless, and never greedy. He always followed the rules, and people absolutely loved him.
The problem was that the one person he admired most didn’t love him back the way he wanted.
(l/n) (f/n) had been best friends with Suga, practically since the day she was born, since their mothers were best friends. She was only a few months younger than him, not even a big enough age gap to make a real difference in anything. But even so, the boy had always felt like it was his duty to protect her. Whether it was from bullies on the playground when they were young, or from her own fears, which sometimes threatened to pop into her teenage mind.
Whatever happened to her, Suga was always there to hold her hand and help her through the pain. He was used to being her sounding board, her shoulder to cry on.
But lately the boy had found himself wanting more.
Everyone loved Suga. It was clear from the constant praise from his classma
:iconcornbread-queen:cornbread-queen 522 66
Tilt-Shift :iconwillywonkathefearful:WillyWonkaTheFearful 5 3
Akito Sohma (Male)xReader: That's my Girl
A loud crash made all the servants head snap up. It was not a sound anyone wanted to hear in the estate. It could only mean one thing, the lord Akito Sohma was angry about something. It also meant that someone might get hurt. Mostly likely it would be you, considering you were the servant that would bring Akito his meals.
You sighed walking down the halls towards Akito’s room. You knocked on Akito’s door. “Lord Akito. I have your lunch if you want it.” You heard a thud and movement.
“Get in here.” The cold voice ordered from inside the room. You entered the room and waited a moment for your eyes to adjust to the dark room. When it did, you saw Akito sitting in his usual spot against the wall on a cushion. A vase was broken and the pieces lay shattered on the ground. You bowed your head and walked over placing the food in front of him. “Clean up that mess.”
“Yes sir.” You bowed your head again and moved over to the broken vase.
:icon13youko:13Youko 615 302


Chapter 11: Lunch and Un-welcomed Surprises 

(Your POV)

Without any other trouble, you and The Avengers find yourselves outside of the Panera Bread Restaurant. You take a silent, deep breath as you follow the footsteps of Barton and Rogers as they open the doors and walk into the place. As soon as your foot crosses the threshold, you feel her presence in the establishment. You look up at your group members while you all stand in line.

"You guys can order whatever you like, money's not a problem," you inform them as you pull out your wallet from your purse.

"Yea, we've heard," Barton mumbles as he and the others look up at the menu. 

You stare up at the menu blankly as if you don't already know what you want to eat. You just need something to distract you from the gnawing of Shadow's energy hitting against your body. She's restless and needs to at least get a taste of her favorite meal. You feel her move across the restaurant's floor in search of her prey like a wildcat on the savanna. You move your legs forward, still looking up at the menu, biting the inside of your cheek until you hear that sweet, bird-like voice,

"Alright Johnny, I heard you the first time!"

You turn your head normally so as not to draw the Avengers' attention (it was their job to be observant of you, you couldn't hold their hands forever). You see the 26 year old woman walking from the staff only door behind the counter. She had on her uniform with a navy blue apron tied behind her waist. She smiles at another co-worker as her peach complexion shines under the lights. While she's distracted with informing the teenage girl of what Johnny said, Shadow makes her move. Shadow calmly makes her way towards the young woman's shadow, inching like molasses so as not to cause discomfort for her prey. What feels like hours to you is merely seconds once Shadow has overtaken her latest victim. 

By this time, Barton has already ordered his food and it's your turn. 

"Agatha, how have you been?" the bird-like voice smiles brightly at you. 

The Avengers' surprised and bewildered faces don't go unnoticed.

"Hey Miranda, it's been a while," you answer with a humble tone. 

Miranda Givens laughs at your tone as she asks,

"Is it just you today? Where's your boyfriend?"

", I'm here with a few of my fellow cohorts," you answer gesturing towards the six of them.

She nods at them as she predicts your order,

"Understood. I take it you'll be ordering the broccoli and cheese soup with the Frontega Chicken Panini?"

"You know my stomach like the back of your hand," you force yourself to smile, "Please treat my people to whatever they want. It's on me."

With that, you walk to the side to see the Avengers order their food and dessert.

"I'll have your food and drinks brought to you when everything's done," Miranda waves at you as you walk to the outside tables.

You sit on one end of the table with Clint and Dr. Banner on your left, Thor and Tony on your right, and Steve and Natasha on the opposite end of the table facing you.

"Who is Agatha?" Thor asks after everyone is comfortably seated.

"We're here to discuss my folder of my 8-year-old self and whatever else you may have questions about. It's not my job to feed you information, some things you have to figure out for yourselves," you answer as you look past Thor. 

Realizing that would be the best answer they'd probably get from you, Steve pulls out the folder and places its contents in the center of the table. Each member of the team looks over the papers and pictures before Tony asks,

"Is it ok for us to have this out in the open? Won't Miranda be curious about what we're talking about?"
"No, just act as if we were at S.H.I.E.L.D. There's nothing for any of you to worry about." 

Natasha looks down at a picture of you in your 3rd grade school uniform sitting behind your desk in class. 

"Did you have any other friends besides Erica?"

"Megan...she would pass notes to me during class when the teacher had her back turned. She'd smile as she whispered for my attention even when the other kids tried to persuade her to stop. I wouldn't look at her when she called out to me but I'd always grab the small piece of paper and quickly hide it in my desk so the teacher wouldn't see. I had to have at least seven notes in my desk before she came up to me before lunch time.

"Hey, (y/n) right? Do you want to eat lunch with me outside today?" she asked with that stupid smile on her face.

"Don't you know who I am? I'm sure you've heard what I did to Erica."

"I also heard that Benjamin was caught playing doctor with Nicole, doesn't it make it true."

This caused you to look up at this girl with shock as she laughs at your expression,

"I'll be under the big tree on the hill."

You feel your lip twitch slightly at the memory of Megan taking your hand in front of everyone in class and dragging you behind her towards the huge oak tree on a hill near the school's library. She kept that smile plastered on her face as she sat down and waited for you to do the same. You both ate lunch in silence until she started asking what you thought about her notes. 

"What happened to Megan?" Dr. Banner asks.

"She...she's out there somewhere, living her life," was your response as you put your elbows on the table.

Before Clint can open his mouth, Miranda comes through the double doors with three other co-workers balancing everyone's food like circus performers. Miranda calls out each order as she and her staff place each tray in front of the correct person. She places your meal in front of you along with your utensils. You look out over everyone and see Thor about to dig in.

"Don't you know it's rude to eat before everyone is served?" you glare at him as you grip your knife tightly. 

"Still a stickler for manners I see," Miranda laughs as Thor puts down his sandwich. 

The Avengers watch you closely as you put the knife back in place but your actions don't seem to effect Miranda. She places a hand on your shoulder, almost lovingly, as she smiles down at your face.

"How have you been holding up Agatha?"

You look up at her with a blank face as your voice takes on a mellow tone,

"I should be asking you that. Is your brother doing better?"

Her smiles is quickly replaced by shock as she looks at your eyes with worry,

"Well...he...I m-mean..."

You cover her hand with your own as you silently stand up and stare into her eyes,

"It'll be alright, you know that I'm here for you when you're ready to talk."

She can only nod as tears prick the corner of her eyes as she nods at the Avengers and makes her way back into the restaurant. You look down to see that Shadow is still attached to her but she's loosened her grip somewhat,

"I told you that she wasn't ripe enough yet but you can't listen to me."

Shadow just turns her head and you feel her power lash out at you; her way of glaring or gnashing her teeth at you.

You sit back down, say grace, and proceed to eat your soup.

"If you all keep staring at me, then your food is gonna get cold." 

The sound of utensils reach your ears as you laugh inwardly at their reactions. 


As everyone is eating their meals, Thor speaks up,

"So, (y/n), can you explain what happened with Megan after you both had lunch?"

"She stuck with me like glue. Even when I tried to be mean to her, she'd just laugh it off and go back to being nice to me. Mom and dad were so happy to see me being 'myself again'," you answer in air quotes.

"What's your relationship with Miranda?" Steve asks with no hesitation.

"What do you mean by that?"

"It's clear that something has happened between you two. The way she placed her hand on your shoulder and the way you looked at her; are you two together?"

"It's nothing like that. I'm just sizing her up," you answer taking a bite out of your sandwich while keeping eye contact with him.

"Sizing her up?" Tony asks.

"Yes, think of our relationship like that of a lioness and antelope. Do you ever just see a predator charge right for their meal?"

"No, it requires extensive planning," Natasha answers.

"Exactly. I have to make sure that her emotions are in order before I devour them," you smirk as you finish your meal.  

"Can you explain that?" Dr. Banner asks.

"I could but it would be better to just show you all. Sadly, that probably won't be happening until another few weeks. After all, there is a set time for everything," you mumble as you push your tray in front of you. 

You place your chin on the table as you reach for a slip of paper poking out of the folder. You carefully pull it out and scan over it to see that it's a report of your daily routine when you were a child. It details everything from the time you woke up to the time you went to bed. Your eyebrows narrow as you read over the evening entry.

"What? Did he leave that out on purpose or did could he not see?"

Miranda comes back out of the double doors by herself,

"Is everything alright?"

"Yea, can we get our desserts to go?" you asks not bothering to ask the Avengers what they'd prefer.

"Of course, I'll have it ready for you all when you come back to the front."


Finishing their meals, you follow behind the Avengers as they dump their trays and put them in the designated area near the drink dispenser. Crossing the threshold yet again, you realize that Shadow is still attached as Miranda stands in front of the door with a large bag full of sweets. She smiles at you while holding the bag out in front of you,

"I even put a few extra things in there for your boyfriend."

You hesitate. Shadow's still pissed that she can't have what she wants, which means, you have to suffer the consequences. You don't want to cause a scene by having Rogers get to the bag so you carefully reach for it. In a split-second, Miranda moves her hand from holding the bag by the bottom to holding it by the bent-over flap.

"What's wrong Agatha? Don't you want your sweets?"

Miranda was no longer in control of her own body, you could tell by the condition of her eyes. Her pupils are dilated and you know what's to come when your skin makes contact with hers. You take a quick breath inward as you reach for the bag and feel her fingers brush against your hand. The pain is the first thing before rapid images flash across your vision causing Shadow to quickly return to you. You watch as Miranda shakes the fog from her mind before walking back inside Panera. None of them seemed to notice what was going on as you felt yourself get dizzy.

"Ms. (l/n), you look pale. Are you alright?"

You hear his words but don't have time to respond before you push the bag in his hands and run towards a nearby alleyway. You pick up the first trashcan lid you see and empty your stomach contents. You hear the footsteps of the others as they come to a halt behind you. You retch harder as Clint asks,

"Was it food poisoning?"

You raise your arm and wave your hand from left to right trying to communicate that that wasn't the reason. You hear the sound of the food bag shuffling and a pair of shoes walk away from the scene as you try to catch your breath and not swallow any bile. The feeling of something cold on your neck causes you to jump before you turn your head to see Steve has put a cold compress on you.

"Don't try to speak, relax," he smiles as he gently rubs your back.

Looking down at his other hand, you see a pharmacy bag. He pulls out a small bottle of Listerine mouth wash and hands it to you. After you gargle half the contents of the bottle and spit it out in the trash, he hands you a bottle of water. You rinse once more with that one before he gently takes your arm and places it over his shoulder.

"Do you want some Sprite or another bottle of water?" he asks gesturing towards the pharmacy bag.

You shake your head 'no' as you allow him to carry you already knowing that a smile is decorating Shadow's face.  
Consequences (Bruce Banner x Reader) Pt. 11
This chapter took me literally months to write! The scenes played out fine in my head but I just couldn't get them down on paper. This came out as close to what I imagined so I want all of you to know that I haven't given up on this story. I really can't wait until you all see what I have planned for this fanfic. Thanks for all of your support!!
Chapter 19: Keep the Demon at Bay

-Inside the Barn (Your POV)-

After reassuring Sebastian that all would be explained after the situation with Lorenzo was handled, he left you to continue milking the cows. You kept the small smile on your face until you were sure that he was as far away from you as possible. It melts from your face as you stare at the place where he just stood. 

How much longer can I keep up this facade? you think to yourself as you bite on your bottom lip.

Your hands were shaking as you went to sit back in the stool as you continued to milk the second cow. You take slow, deep breaths as you focus on pulling down one utter after the next (anything to keep your mind off of Lorenzo at the moment). You know that if you slip up even once, then it's game over for everyone. The cow 'moos' at you as you lay your head on its stomach and close your eyes in aggravation.

You manage to get three buckets full with milk and carefully towed them back to the kitchen to see Julie boiling the corn you'd shucked. She smiled at your work and asked you to move the milk to the glasses she had on the counter,

"You both aren't going to drink all this milk, are you?" you ask as you use the wooden ladle to transfer the liquid to the glass containers.

"Oh no dear, we're going to keep the first five bottles and sell the other five. Why don't you go see if that handsome butler of yours needs a drink?" 

"Yes ma'am", you smiled back at her as you stored the milk in the fridge. 

As you make your way from the kitchen into the living room, you see that Ciel and Benjamin are discussing something. 

"Oh, hello Ms. (y/n), I can't thank you enough for helping my wife in the kitchen like you have."

"It was nothing Mr. Benjamin, honestly. How are you doing Young Master?"

"I'm fine. Is that milk for Sebastian?"

"Yes sir, Ms. Julie thought he would be thirsty. Would you like me to get you something to drink or eat, my Young Lord?"

He shakes his head 'no' as he continues to look up at you with that serious glare. You nod your head in understanding as you make your way outside the house and walk towards the back. It's not like you could avoid Ms. Julie's request just because you and Sebastian had an altercation. You see a ladder and hear the sound a of a hammer as you climb to the rooftop. You see Sebastian, still without his tailcoat, with his sleeves pulled up completely as he replaces the shingles.

"Are you thirsty?" you ask causing him to look back at you with the hammer over his head in mid-swing.

"Yes, thank you," he answers as he puts the hammer down and takes one of the bottles from your hand. 

You watch as he drinks the liquid as sweat drips down his face and neck,

"Man, Grell would be having a field-day right now. He'd have his camera just snapping all kind of shots."

"I don't doubt that," he agrees without looking at you. 

You don't blame him for the short conversation or him sitting a few paces away from you. You watch as he drinks his milk slowly as he looks out over the land with a somewhat relaxed composure. There's not much you can do as you place the other bottle of milk near him and move your body towards the ladder.

"What happened to your parents?"

Your body instantly stops as you lean your head down,

"Excuse me?"

"You won't talk about Lorenzo Vanel, but will you talk to me about your parents?" he asks as you feel his eyes on your back. 

You slightly turn around to face him and see that he has finished his first bottle of milk. You stare at him with distress because your family was something that you didn't share with anyone...the memories of their deaths were too traumatizing to say the least.

"I don't want to talk about their deaths but I can tell you a little about how they meet," you answer with a somewhat harsh tone.

He nods signifying that he's fine with your choice as you move back to your former sitting position. You stare out towards the horizon as you hear Sebastian pick up his second glass of milk.

"My mom was also called from Hell like you were. She had just finished completing her fifth or sixth contract before she had seen my father. She told me that there was just something that drew her to him like a cat under the influence of cat nip. She knew he was a human and that she could kill him easily with the flick of her wrist. Even so, she made herself known to him.

He was immediately awestruck from her beauty but he was a gentleman. He introduced himself and tried to get to know her but she was aloof with important details like her family name and such. Dad liked a challenge and did all he could to earn her trust and only took him five years," you laugh at the statement.

Your mother wasn't stupid...she knew the risks of forming a relationship with a human. She wanted to know if your father had what it took to be committed to a creature of her caliber. She was well-known for her killing tactics in Hell and through legends in the human world.

"When she showed her true self to my father, he didn't react like a normal human would have. He didn't cower in fear or demean her...he smiled when he saw her demon form and said, "I knew there was a reason I found you so fascinating." Mother was flattered and moved by his words to the point where they had me," you state finishing your story.

"I know that that's not the entire account between your parents but I'll take it," Sebastian states looking at you.

You just shrug your shoulders,

"Consider yourself lucky that I told you anything at all."

With that, he finishes the remainder of his milk and handed you the glasses as you made your way towards the ladder. Both of you say nothing more as you hear the sound of the hammer getting back to work while your feet touch down on the grass. Making your way back towards the house, one thought enters your mind,

Damn Sebastian, manipulative bastard! I can't afford to make the same mistakes as my parents!
Why Me? (Sebastian x Half-Demon Reader) Pt. 19
Please be honest about this chapter, does it make sense? Is the flow of the story still good? I know where I want the next chapters to go but I just really need some honest, critical feedback about this chapter (please and thank you)
Hey to all my fellow watchers! I haven't given up on my stories, I'm just unsure how to continue them. I don't want them to seem forced or anything like that so I'm taking a bit of a rest. I'm trying my hand on Quotev with a Booker DeWitt x Reader fanfic if anyone is interested (I just started on it yesterday and am working on the fourth chapter). Here's the link and thanks for your support Hug…
Hello everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I haven't given up on my stories, it's just finals week again. Also, my Consequences fanfiction will not be dealing with Captain American: Civil War that is coming out this Friday. For those who read the descriptions, you know what movies my fanfiction will highlight on. Thank you all for understanding and I will update when I'm not sleep-deprived. Also, I can't thank you all for your support whether you're on my watchers list or favorite my work. Thank you so much, I appreciate each and every one of you. 
For all those reading my Sebastian x Reader story, I haven't forgotten you. I'm busy with school and am having serious writer's block on how to write the next chapter. I'll take suggestions from those who have any and I thank you all for your support. Have a great day/weekend if I don't have the time to come online during the rest of the week.
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